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The essential function of art, in all its mediums, is twofold; it is a channel of expression and its manifestation takes on the dimension of creativity. Ultimately, it provides sustenance to the soul.

A work of art is a culmination of an artist’s beliefs, experiences and desires. It is an intensely personal creation, a journey through the artist's mind and a reflection of the artist’s psyche.

In India, art stems from divinity; music, dance, poetry, sculpture and painting were an integral part of religion. Places of worship were the cradles that nurtured various art forms and imparted divinity to them, connecting the artist, the audience and the patron to spirituality and joy.

Art, I feel, is essentially spiritual in nature and should aim at showing paths towards a higher plane of consciousness. The artist and the observer should both experience bliss and be enriched spiritually by its association.

The ultimate truth, the tranquility and simplicity of the reality beyond the apparent is what I seek to convey in my work .
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