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Anjali Sapra lives and works in New Delhi. Having trained at the Triveni Kala Sangam; New Delhi for a number of years; she subsequently apprenticed under a senior artist. She specializes in working with metallic foil and natural pigment in a variety of mediums-oil, gouache, agg tempera and has also experimented with sculpture in mixed metal and camphor wood.

Her concern are with the internal, an attempt to understand and delineate the essence of being. She works in layers, literally and metaphorically. Varied images float across the canvas, symbolizing the transience of life and the triumph of the spirit; and serene eyes follow the viewer and try to establish a connection.

An attempt to understand the complicated situation of humanity enmeshed in the mazes of its ingenuities, confused by "the endless cycle of idea and action", unable to distinguish between illusion and reality.....these are very real concerns in today's time, where the frenetic pace of life leaves no time for introspection and self-evaluation.

Her work, while being rooted in Indian philosophy deals with issued both universal and timeless. The face of enlightenment, tranquil, radiant, accepting, invites the viewer to engage in a dialogue with his inner being, to examine his particular situation and personal quest; to explore, resolve and finally to evolve.

Drawing on various religious and spiritual texts; poetry and literature, Anjali's work cuts across linguistic and cultural divides. She creates a language uniquely her own and attempts to convey that which defies description and definition.

Natural pigment, gold foil and oil on canvas

Egg Tempera on Handmade paper
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Mixed Media on Handmade Paper
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