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Series 1 - The Ephemeral Playground

Life and its meaning; the essential truths have occupied the minds of saints, seers, poets and artists through the ages. The series ‘ The Ephemeral Playground’ also attempts an insight into this subject. Meditative, serene, amused or somber, these faces, enclosed within window- like spaces look meditatively out from a canvas richly worked in the hues of life, imbued with potent symbols and metaphors conveying the transience of this world. An attempt is made to question and simultaneously provide answers to the meaning of life. View Paintings...

Series 2 - The Sacred Chakras

This series draws inspiration from ancient Indian philosophy and the importance of the five elements. The corporeal body, according to Ayurveda, is composed of the five elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space. When complete balance is attained between all five elements, the body and mind achieve the ideal state. This leads the human spirit to life and hope, to emotional equilibrium and ultimately to the Supreme Being. View Paintings...

Series 3 - Trees of Immortality

An innate connection with nature formed by a childhood spent in lush verdant spaces finds expression in this vibrant series. Sensuous Frangipani languorously blossoming; exuberant Ficus stretching across a multihued canvas provide a landscape into which one can retreat and renew oneself. View Paintings...

Series 4 - Diverse Horizons

Chaotic cityscapes, terraced mountain ranges, the expanse of meadows and unending space beyond... this is the inspiration for this series.

Rich colours play across the canvas creating contours and structures, shapes and shadows while heavy texturing lends a multilayered quality. View Paintings...

Series 5 - Elemental Spaces

The series “Elemental Spaces” has been conceived as a visual rendering of natural elements combined with metaphors and symbols from mythology and religion. The banyan tree, a symbol for earth, signifying stability and immortality, images of life giving warmth and energy; the river, flowing unidirectionally like time and life; all pervasive air and all encompassing ether; the five elements combine harmoniously to provide a divine landscape of joyous celebration. View Paintings...

Other Mediums

The artist enjoys working with a variety of media - oil, gouache, egg tempera, pen and ink, coffee and tea water and metallic foil and has also experimented with sculpture in mixed metal and camphor wood. She specializes in preparing colour from natural pigments and using it in a variety of ways. This section showcases the artist’s work over a period of time. View Paintings...
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